Adam Jones Les Paul Standard, Antique Silverburst
| March 6, 2024 |

What Are the Five Essential Adam Jones Guitar Habits & Techniques?

Go beyond the gear and explore what makes Tool guitarist Adam Jones one of the greatest players of his generation

Embodying the spirit of Adam Jones from Tool transcends the mere replication of his Gibson Silverburst Les Paul guitars, amps, and effect pedals. It involves an intricate exploration into the guitarist’s creative universe—his creative playing and songwriting techniques combined with unique sound textures.

In this installment of the Gibson Gear Guide, Dinesh Lekhraj takes us through the musical brilliance of Tool’s Adam Jones. Dive deep into the essence of Jones’ legendary sound, entering the mind of the GRAMMY® award-winning maestro. Dinesh unveils everything from the drop D tuning that forms the foundation of Jones’ dense sonic landscapes to the sophisticated techniques that set him apart.

Join Dinesh as he unlocks the mysteries of Adam Jones’ guitar artistry, focusing on five fundamental techniques integral to Tool’s music. Witness the demonstration of captivating syncopated riffs from “Ænima,” the intentional string-bending characteristics of “10,000 Days,” and the intricate pull-offs and the hallmark pull-through technique featured in tracks like “Invincible” and “Jambi.” Experience the distinctive “Lift” technique, brought to life by Dinesh with clarity and insight.

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This video serves as your gateway to mastering Adam Jones’ selection of guitars, discovering the effects that form the basis of his unique sound, and identifying the amplifiers that perfectly capture the foundation of Tool’s guitar tone.

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