Epiphone and the Gibson Custom Shop Partner to Recreate Adam’s 1979 Silverburst Les Paul Custom
| February 13, 2024 |

Epiphone and Gibson Custom Unveil the Adam Jones 1979 Silverburst Les Paul Custom

This axe pays tribute to one of the Tool star’s favorite guitars of all time

In a thrilling collaboration that marks a new pinnacle in guitar craftsmanship, Epiphone has joined forces with Gibson Custom to bring to life a guitar as legendary as the musician it pays homage to.

Adam Jones, the multi-platinum-selling and four-time GRAMMY® Award winner from the band Tool, is celebrated for his musical prowess and distinctive, innovative guitar sounds. 

Recognizing Jones’s influence and the iconic status of one of his favorite guitars, the two renowned guitar manufacturers have recreated the 1979 Silverburst Les Paul Custom, a masterpiece that reflects exceptional taste and the guitar’s unique place in rock history.

Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom
Antique Silverburst

A Tribute to a Rock Icon

The relationship between Adam Jones and his Silverburst 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom is well-documented. It’s not just an instrument; it’s an extension of his creative genius, a partner in creating some of Tool’s most memorable sonic landscapes. 

This collaboration between Epiphone and Gibson Custom meticulously captures the essence of his beloved instrument, ensuring that every detail, from the aesthetics to the sound, pays a fitting tribute to the original. 

Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

The Epiphone Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom features a three-piece maple neck with a custom Adam Jones profile, designed for comfort and playability that meets the demands of today’s guitarists while still reflecting the preferences of Adam Jones. 

The ebony fretboard and mahogany body with a maple cap provide the rich, resonant tones that are the hallmark of the Les Paul Custom. Finished in an exquisite Antique Silverburst, this guitar is an instrument and a piece of art.

Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom
Antique Silverburst
Custom artwork, created by Joyce Su and Adam Jones, adorns the rear of the headstock

Exceptional Sound Quality

What sets the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom apart is its exceptional sound quality, achieved through the combination of premium components and innovative design. It features a Gibson Custom Custombucker™ in the neck position for warm, vintage tones and a Seymour Duncan® Distortion™ in the bridge position for that signature Adam Jones aggressive sound. 

High-quality CTS® potentiometers, Orange Drop® capacitors, and a Switchcraft® 3-way pickup selector switch ensure precise control over the guitar’s sound, allowing players to explore a wide range of tones.

Iconic Design Features

The Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom also boasts the iconic Gibson “Open Book” headstock design, further aligning it with the specifications of Jones’s original guitar. This design not only adds to the guitar’s visual appeal but also contributes to its overall resonance and tone. 

Additionally, each guitar comes with a replica two-inch convex mirror, a nod to Jones’s unique aesthetic, and is housed in a Deluxe Protector Series hardshell case, ensuring that this exquisite instrument is protected in style.

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