Tour of the Gibson Custom Shop
| April 16, 2024 |

Video: Inside the Gibson Custom Shop—See How Your Gibson Custom Guitar is Made

An exclusive video tour through a legacy of masterful luthiery

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour hosted by Dinesh Lekhraj, the Gibson Gear Guide takes us on a journey through the prestigious Gibson Custom Shop, revealing the meticulous process of crafting a Gibson Custom guitar. This intimate glimpse highlights how Gibson preserves its rich heritage while building instruments that become integral to the musical voyages of artists worldwide.

The tour begins with introductions to the core team at the Gibson Custom Shop. Here, a group of skilled luthiers and craftspeople work diligently, each handcrafting instruments with a palpable sense of responsibility and pride. These artisans are not merely building guitars; they are crafting the dreams of musicians into reality, ensuring each guitar is worthy of the Gibson name.

Tailored to perfection—the Made to Measure process

Lekhraj’s tour provides insights into the Made to Measure program, a service that allows musicians to customize their instruments to precise specifications. Prospective guitar owners can select from a variety of body woods, top woods, and target weights, making each Gibson Custom guitar uniquely theirs. This bespoke process is part of Gibson’s effort to cater to individual artists’ needs, enabling them to obtain their ideal tone.

From wood to wonder

The journey of a Gibson Custom guitar starts with carefully selecting and grading wood, a fundamental component that defines the tone and quality of the instrument. From the arrival of the raw materials through the intricate processes of shaping and carving the guitar’s top to the detailed binding and neck sculpting, the process delivers historic Gibson quality.

Artistry in details

Each guitar is meticulously hand-bound, a testament to Gibson’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship. The finishing touches include a unique dyeing and spraying process, with the binding hand-scraped before the guitars are Plek’d—a computer-controlled setup process that ensures perfect playability.

The final assembly

In the concluding stages of the tour, the Gibson Custom team assembles the electronics, rolls the fretboards for enhanced comfort, and conducts a professional setup. Each guitar undergoes a rigorous final inspection before it is carefully placed in its case, ready to be shipped to its new owner, fully equipped to join them in their musical endeavors.

This special tour underlines Gibson’s ongoing commitment to excellence. By blending traditional techniques with modern innovation, Gibson Custom ensures that each guitar is built to be a lifelong companion for the player.

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