| October 24, 2023 |

Gibson and Epiphone ES-335 & ES-355 Buyer’s Guide

Custom Shop, Murphy Lab, Gibson USA, and Epiphone models compared

In this comprehensive Gibson and Epiphone ES™ buyer’s guide on our Gibson Gear Guide channel, Dinesh Lekhraj takes us on a detailed exploration of some of the finest semi-hollowbody guitars Gibson Brands offers. The video showcases a range of remarkable models, including the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab Aged ES-335 and ES-355, Gibson USA ES-335 guitars, and a pair of Epiphone ES guitars. Through this guide, we’ll discover why the ES-335 is one of the most versatile and respected guitars ever created.

Often referred to as the “Burst Killer” due to its exceptional adaptability and outstanding tonal quality, the Gibson ES-335 electric guitar has been a mainstay in the music world since its debut in 1958. It has left its mark in various musical genres, including blues, jazz, country, rock, and even metal, thanks to its stellar humbucking pickups.

The semi-hollowbody design of the ES-335 offers remarkable resonance, a bright and airy tone, and a rich, full-bodied sound. This makes it equally suitable as a rhythm instrument for singer-songwriters or the preferred choice for lead guitarists seeking to deliver electrifying solos. Moreover, the inclusion of a three-way toggle pickup selector switch, along with separate volume and tone controls for each pickup, provides a wide range of tonal possibilities. Players familiar with Gibson’s Les Paul and SG models will instantly recognize and appreciate this setup.

In this video, you’ll experience an insightful comparison between various types of ES guitars, highlighting the distinctions between the ES-335 and the ES-355, as well as the differences between Epiphone and Gibson models. This exploration will help you understand what sets semi-hollow body guitars apart from solidbody instruments, particularly in terms of the unique sound they produce and their interaction with amps. Of course, we recommend MESA/BOOGIE® for your various amplification needs, both low and high wattage ranges.

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