Peter Frampton by Austin Lord
| May 30, 2024 |

“Peter Frampton personifies the spirit of excellence through his musicianship and industry recognition”

The Les Paul Foundation awards Peter Frampton the Les Paul Spirit Award

In partnership with Gibson Gives, the Les Paul Foundation, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the iconic guitarist and musical innovator Les Paul, proudly announces the recipient of this year’s Les Paul Spirit Award: the legendary Peter Frampton. This prestigious honor will be presented to Frampton on June 9, 2024, at a private event at the Gibson Garage Nashville, marking both Les Paul’s 109th birthday and the third anniversary of the Gibson Garage.

Peter Frampton, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, profoundly impacted the music industry. His innovative use of the Les Paul™ guitar and talkbox on tracks such as “Do You Feel Like We Do” and “Show Me the Way” showcased his ability to push the boundaries of music technology, much like Les Paul himself. Frampton’s career began at 16 when he joined a band in England, later achieving massive success with Humble Pie. His solo debut, Winds of Change, and the legendary live album Frampton Comes Alive! solidified his place in rock history.

What is the Les Paul Spirit Award?

The Les Paul Spirit Award is presented to individuals who exemplify Les Paul’s spirit of innovation in music, engineering, and technology. Michael Braunstein, Executive Director of The Les Paul Foundation, highlighted Frampton’s fit for the award, emphasizing his extraordinary talent and innovative spirit.

“I cannot think of anyone more fitting to be honored with this year’s Les Paul Spirit Award than Peter Frampton. Not only is he an extraordinary talent who has given us an amazing array of extraordinary music, but he is an innovator who understands music, technologies, and the spirit of Les Paul,” says Michael Braunstein, Executive Director of The Les Paul Foundation.

Photo: Les Paul and Peter Frampton, courtesy of the Les Paul Foundation

“If Les were still alive today, I have absolutely no doubt that he and Peter would be experimenting together at Les’ house.  I am personally thrilled to be able to present Peter with this award because I know he exemplifies everything Les was about and wanted to accomplish. I want to also thank the Gibson Gives Foundation for partnering with us on this exciting annual award and for everything they do to keep Les’ name alive.”

The physical award is a hand-carved piece of wood from Les Paul’s personal collection, making each award unique. This memorabilia represents not just an honor but a piece of history directly connected to Les Paul’s creative legacy.

Gibson Gives and Les Paul Foundation partnership

Gibson Gives, the philanthropic arm of Gibson, partners with The Les Paul Foundation to honor individuals who carry forward Les Paul’s legacy. Beth Heidt, Chief Marketing Officer at Gibson, and Erica Krusen, Global Executive Director at Gibson Gives, both expressed their excitement and pride in presenting this award to Peter Frampton, who embodies the innovative spirit of Les Paul.

Heidt noted, “At Gibson Gives, we are thrilled to celebrate the incredible contributions of Les Paul and partner with the Les Paul Foundation to bring awareness to Les Paul’s legacy as he continues to inspire musicians across generations and genres.”

Krusen says, “Peter Frampton personifies the spirit of excellence through his musicianship and industry recognition. Gibson Gives is proud to partner with the Les Paul Foundation to present the prestigious Les Paul Spirit Award to this legendary artist who embodies the innovative spirit of Les Paul himself and his landmark contributions to music.”

What is Peter Frampton’s enduring legacy?

Despite his diagnosis of inclusion body myositis in 2019, Frampton continues to write and perform. His contributions to music are celebrated globally, earning him multiple awards and recognitions. Much like Les Paul’s, Frampton’s legacy will inspire generations to come.

The Les Paul Spirit Award not only honors Peter Frampton but also highlights Les Paul’s legacy’s ongoing impact on the music world. Through partnerships and awards, The Les Paul Foundation and Gibson Gives continue to inspire and support musicians, ensuring that Les Paul’s innovative spirit lives on.

For more information, as well as their ongoing efforts to support music education and innovation, visit Gibson Gives and the Les Paul Foundation. Also, check out Peter Frampton’s guitar collection and the legendary “Phenix,” his latest Gibson Les Paul signature model.