Epiphone Miranda Lambert Bluebird Studio Bluebonnet
| May 7, 2024 |

“If it makes it more accessible and achievable for girls to chase their dreams, then it’s a win in my book”—Miranda Lambert on Her New Epiphone Signature Acoustic

The Epiphone Miranda Lambert Bluebird Studio follows a successful collaboration with Gibson

Epiphone has announced the Miranda Lambert Bluebird Studio, featuring a vivid Bluebonnet gloss finish, a nod to the official flower of Texas, Miranda’s home state. Inspired by Lambert’s hit song of the same name, the custom Bluebird pickguard adds a personal touch.

A variation on the iconic Hummingbird™, the Bluebird Studio is crafted with a square-shoulder layered mahogany body and a solid Sitka spruce top, designed for both visual appeal and tonal excellence. The choice of materials ensures a rich, resonant sound that ages well.

The Epiphone Miranda Lambert Bluebird Studio comes with a hardshell case

Outfitted with a Fishman Sonicore™ under-saddle pickup and Sonitone™ preamp, the Bluebird is stage-ready, delivering clear, robust sound in any performance setting. The soundhole-mounted volume and tone controls offer easy adjustments while remaining discreet. Each Bluebird Studio guitar ships with a durable Epiphone hardshell case, ensuring the instrument’s safety during travel and storage.

Miranda Lambert is an acclaimed country music star and a beacon for female empowerment in the music industry. She’s not just a decorated musician; she’s an Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year, a passionate animal advocate, a restaurateur, a businesswoman, and a New York Times best-selling author. Her influence stretches beyond the country music genre, impacting global culture and music.

The Bluebird’s pickguard design is a thing of beauty

The guitar’s release will benefit Nashville nonprofit partner YEAH! (Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities). Epiphone and Lambert will donate five instruments to the charity, along with funds to cover the cost of five scholarships to YEAH! Rocks, their summer music camp this June 3-7. One of the five guitars will be signed by Lambert and auctioned at the camp showcase on June 8, with the four others used in annual programming.

The collaboration between Miranda Lambert and Epiphone to create the Bluebird Studio celebrates not only Lambert’s musical achievements but also her personal story and style. Speaking of achievements, the Miranda Lambert Bluebird was the best-selling Gibson signature acoustic guitar over the past 12 months. We caught up with Miranda to discuss her partnership with Epiphone on this project.

What motivated you to collaborate with Epiphone?

“After releasing my first Gibson Bluebird signature guitar last year, it seemed like the natural next step. The Gibson release was very well received, and we wanted to create a more affordable guitar, and still deliver a great quality product.”

How will this partnership and the signature Epiphone Bluebird release help achieve your goal of inspiring more girls and women to play guitar?

“My hope is that the release of the Epiphone Bluebird with a more approachable price point will make it possible for young girls and women in general to get their hands on one. If it makes it more accessible and achievable for girls to chase their dreams, then it’s a win in my book.”

Miranda Lambert’s affinity for blue guitars began at a young age

Did any personal memories influence the design and features of your signature guitar?

“For most musicians, even your earliest memories of a guitar are vivid ones. For me, that was sitting together as a family while my dad played for us, and from there it was me and my mom loading my guitar into her Suburban to drive around Texas and chase my dream. A guitar is a powerful thing for a young artist, so we wanted to create a design that was special because of that.”

The aesthetics of the Bluebird are striking, with intricate pickguard art and a vibrant Bluebonnet finish. How did this design come together, and what makes it meaningful to you?

“Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower and whether you’re from Texas like me or not, they’re just magical. The design was created by Codey Allen at Gibson after I gave some direction for the visual. The idea was based on my song, ‘Bluebird,’ and she did a beautiful job creating the artwork. The combination of the stunning blue color and the pickguard with bluebirds, bluebonnets, and pops of green ended up such a beautiful result.”

What does the Bluebird’s name signify for you personally, and how does it resonate with your journey as an artist?

“Bluebirds are a symbol of hope and renewal, both of which have been significant in my career and life in general. My song ‘Bluebird’ says it best: ‘I’ll keep a light on in my soul, keep a bluebird in my heart’.”

Your career has seen incredible highs and meaningful collaborations. Where does the creation of the Bluebird signature guitar rank among your achievements, and why?

“It’s a highlight, as I’ve been playing the guitar since I was a little girl. It’s where it all started for me. So to be able to create two signature Bluebird guitars is really meaningful to me. It’s full circle and something I’ll carry with me forever.”

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring musicians who dream of playing guitar or having their own signature instrument one day?

“Keep chasing it. Stay true to yourself and don’t give up. You can’t go wrong with those two things.”

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