Dave Mustaine of Megadeth with his Gibson Flying V guitars
| June 4, 2024 |

Dave Mustaine Signature Strap and Strings Unveiled

Check out the new Dave Mustaine signature strings and strap from the Gibson Lifestyle & Accessories range

Explore the Gibson Lifestyle & Accessory selections for an exclusive guitar strap designed for Dave Mustaine and his Gibson and Kramer guitars. The legendary guitarist, vocalist, and founder of the GRAMMY® Award-winning band Megadeth collaborated with Gibson on this high-quality, full-grain black leather strap featuring embossed Vic Rattlehead artwork and Mustaine’s ‘Silhouette’ icon.

The strap is adjustable between 44 and 65 inches and is three inches wide, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone. Check it out.

Dave Mustaine leather guitar strap from Gibson.com

String theory

In addition to the aforementioned strap, Mustaine sat down with Gibson to create a signature string set tailored to his specific needs. The Gibson Dave Mustaine Signature String Set delivers the powerful, heavy sound and exceptional performance that Dave demands. The nickel-plated steel strings with a reinforced carbon core offer outstanding tone, sustain, and durability. They also feature alternating black and green ball ends for easy identification when restringing. Dave’s preferred gauges are .010, 013, .017, .030, .042, and .052

Dave Mustaine electric guitar strings from Gibson.com

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