Slash "Jessica" Les Paul Standard
| April 9, 2024 |

Introducing the Gibson Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Global Ambassador’s number-one touring guitar for Guns N’ Roses and beyond—welcome to the collaboration

In tandem with the iconic guitarist Slash, Gibson introduces a welcome addition to its line of Les Paul™ guitars: the Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard in Honey Burst with Red Back. This guitar is a piece of rock ’n’ roll history reborn—a new model based on Slash’s battle-worn favorite.

At its core, the new “Jessica” features a non-weight-relieved mahogany body topped with a three-piece plain maple top, mirroring the original’s construction for authentic Les Paul mojo. The guitar’s neck is crafted from mahogany, shaped into the 50s Vintage profile, offering comfort and playability reminiscent of the golden era of rock.

Its sonic signature, powered by a pair of Custom Burstbucker™ pickups with Alnico 2 magnets, truly sets this guitar apart. The electronics, including Orange Drop® capacitors, are meticulously hand-wired and deliver a range of tones, from clean, articulate sounds to the gritty, overdriven tones Slash is known for: “Welcome To The Jungle,” “Paradise City,” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” just to name a few.

The Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard features a three-piece top

For new tracks from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, check out Gibson TV’s documentary on the making “4,” their latest album. As a vibrant rock album fueled by memorable guitar hooks and compelling melodies, “4” is full of big choruses and even bigger riffs—recorded at the iconic RCA Studio A in Nashville. The first release on Gibson Records, the work is Slash’s fifth solo album and fourth with this band, featuring Myles Kennedy (vocals), Brent Fitz (drums), Todd Kerns (bass & vocals), and Frank Sidoris (guitar & vocals).

Slash is currently in the midst of a global tour with his group Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators in support of “4.” Last month, Slash announced he would officially release his sixth solo album, a star-studded blues record titled Orgy of the Damned, on May 17, 2024, via Gibson Records (Firebird Music distribution).

The legacy of “Jessica”

Since 1988, “Jessica” has been more than just a guitar; it has symbolized Slash’s dynamic presence on stage with Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, and Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. The original “Jessica” was one of the two Les Pauls Gibson sent to Slash in the late 1980s, quickly becoming his main stage guitar. Its story and transformation from a factory second to a rock icon are testaments to the magic that happens when an instrument truly becomes part of an artist’s persona.

The Gibson Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard faithfully recreates this storied guitar—check out Gibson TV’s episode with Slash as he opens case after case of iconic instruments, including the original “Jessica,” revealing the wear and tear that comes from prolonged love for a guitar. Developed in close cooperation with Slash himself, this new model is designed to replicate the feel and sound of the legendary guitar with modern craftsmanship and quality—the gigging scars are up to you.

An excerpt from the book, The Collection: Slash, available in three editions from Gibson Publishing, tells us more:

“This guitar has been with me since 1988,” says Slash when asked about the Les Paul Standard that’s been his number-one live guitar for more than three decades. “It’s faded, I fucking dropped a cigarette on it … I named it when I was drunk, but I don’t remember what the catalyst for that was!”

The rear of the headstock features Slash’s familiar ‘Skully’ logo

On the road with Guns in the late 1980s, Slash decided to retire his Kris Derrig and Max Baranet Les Paul replicas. He called Gibson and they sent two guitars with three-piece tops that were factory seconds.

“Both of ’em were pretty identical, with a bright Cherry Sunburst,” he recalls. “I started using those on the road for a while, then I had them refinished so that they were a little duller. And that became my main stage guitar and the backup all the way through Guns N’ Roses and on through Velvet Revolver, and now with Guns again.”

Mostly used live for Appetite For Destruction songs and a handful from the Use Your Illusion era, Slash says Jessica is a great and unique-sounding instrument: “I take a lot of guitars out on the road but this still has a very specific sound compared to all the other Les Pauls I have out there.”

Playability and details

The 50s Vintage neck profile is a nod to the classic Les Pauls Slash admired and played throughout his career. It is designed for players who prefer a more substantial neck, providing a comfortable and inspiring experience.

Slash’s signature is reproduced on the truss rod cover, Schaller Strap Locks are preinstalled for secure performance, and the included hardshell case houses a collection of extras, such as a Slash pick set, a USA leather strap, a multi-tool, and a blank truss rod cover.

Beyond its specifications, the Slash “Jessica” Les Paul Standard is a bridge between the past and present. Its Honey Burst with Red Back finish, a nod to Slash’s refinishing of the original, adds a unique visual element that sets it apart from other Les Paul models.

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