The Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2x10 all-tube amplifier
| April 16, 2024 |

Gibson Launches the Dual Falcon 20 2×10 Combo Amplifier

Featuring two independent channels, foot-switchable reverb and tremolo, patented Multi-Watt™ technology, and premium construction

Gibson has expanded its Falcon tube amplifier series with the introduction of the Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2×10 Combo amplifier. This new, two-channel amp is primed to deliver rich tones and adjustable wattage for any application. 

The Gibson Falcon amplifiers of the 1960s stood as cult classics of their era, synonymous with the soulful, enveloping soundscapes that defined a generation of music. The Dual Falcon, envisioned in collaboration with amp luminary Randall Smith and the esteemed MESA/Boogie® Design Team, breathes new life into this legendary lineage.

Two foot-switchable channels for tonal excellence and ultimate expressiveness

This all-tube amplifier features two channels with identical features that can be set separately. Need a rhythm and lead setup? No problem. Need two clean channels with different level and tone settings? Again, no problem. You make the call since each channel can be set to what you need it to be right from the front panel.

The inclusion of a pair of 10-inch Jensen® Blackbird 40 Alnico speakers further enhances the Gibson Dual Falcon’s sonic capabilities. These speakers are renowned for their ability to articulate every vintage-voiced nuance at the volume you need.

The Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2×10 Combo’s polished stainless steel control plate

Great tube amp feel and foot-switchable control for reverb and tremolo

The Dual Falcon boasts an ultra-simple, pure signal path across both channels, ensuring the integrity of the guitar’s tone remains unspoiled. With footswitchable reverb and tremolo with global speed and depth controls for the tremolo and individual level controls for the reverb per channel, the amplifier adds layers of dimensionality and motion to the sound for any style—throw in some Maestro effects for an even wider palette of possibilities.

Power and performance options in a 2×10 combo

Understanding that the secret sauce to great overdriven tone lies in power amp overdrive, the Dual Falcon incorporates selectable power options per channel (Full, Half, or Low, which translates to approximately 15, six, or two watts with the stock 6L6 power tubes) to achieve that coveted cranked amp sound at manageable volume levels and, when needed, quieter practice sessions at home. These power options can be set separately for the two channels for maximum tonal options.

The inclusion of patented Multi-Watt™ technology featuring Duo-Class™ wiring provides musicians with the three aforementioned power modes, offering flexibility in shaping the clip threshold and volume of each channel individually. This adaptability makes the Dual Falcon an ideal companion for a variety of settings. Users can also install optional 6V6 Power Tubes for a slightly sweeter tone, a little less wattage (12, five, or one watt in Full, Half, and Low modes), and an earlier onset of breakup.

Coupled with a cathodyne driver, the Dual Falcon delivers a dynamic and responsive playing experience that is both nuanced and explosive—no rebiasing is needed when changing the power tubes from 6L6 to 6V6.

The Dual Falcon features a pair of 10-inch Jensen® Blackbird 40 Alnico speakers

What do the experts say about the Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2×10 Combo?

Gibson Tone Lab Director, Doug West, expressed excitement about the development of the Falcon series of Gibson Amps:

“Revisiting and recreating the Gibson Falcon—and Skylark—was an exciting and fun project for us and one that had us focusing intently on the basics of doing a lot with a little.  We knew we had to capture the originals’ organic sound and feel and their throaty, smooth transition to clip (overdrive), which I feel we did a good job with.  

“However, we also wanted to improve the low-end responsiveness and overall behavior to stay tighter and cleaner a little longer and be more articulate and accurate in the low end as they were pushed toward and beyond overdrive. Finding the right speaker was also a big part of achieving those goals. We were fortunate to have the perfect solution in the Jensen Blackbird 40 Alnico speakers we use in our California Tweed models.

“Once we felt we had made headway in those areas, we started doing our typical what if pondering . . . discovering the different ways to use the sounds and dreaming up ways to access them more freely in a performance environment. That has always been a big part of the R&D work Randy and I have done together through the years. That ideology led us to the two-channel platform, and it seemed a logical extension to upgrade the original Falcon’s performance.   

“From there, we wanted to add even more uniqueness and personality, and the 2×10″ speakers seemed the perfect step up for the Falcon Combo’s sound and character with its added midrange focus and higher, tighter, yet bigger low-end. Together they (two channels and the 2×10″ cabinet) create a wonderful upgrade in both tone and versatility, and it puts a whole new spin on the vintage Gibson tone, reimagined. I would suggest anyone who loves the Falcon sound and feel try a Dual Falcon. It’s just more of what you love with more ways to use it!”

The Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2×10 Combo is foot-switchable for channel and effects selection

Modern features for today’s musicians

To cater to the diverse needs of today’s performers, the Dual Falcon integrates modern functionalities such as a buffered series effects loop for expanded processing options and a tube-driven spring reverb and tube-driven tremolo that adds depth and space to the overall sound palette. These features ensure that the amplifier is as versatile as it is tonally rich. It’s capable of accommodating the creative demands of any musical genre.

The Dual Falcon’s design philosophy centers on versatility, offering musicians a wide tonal range adaptable to numerous performance contexts. Whether it’s a home studio’s intimate setting, the club gig’s bustling environment, or the meticulous demands of a recording session, this amplifier stands ready to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance reliability.

Sound dynamics and nuance

One of the Dual Falcon’s standout attributes is its exceptional touch sensitivity and dynamic response. Musicians will appreciate the amp’s ability to articulate subtle nuances in playing dynamics, from gentle sweeps to the most aggressive pick attacks, achieving a controlled array of exhilarating and expressive sounds.

The process of developing the Falcon series began with the acquisition of many original Gibson amps as part of an internal company quest to identify the most desirable characteristics. This took some time and emerged organically as team members, including Gibson CEO Cesar Gueikien, who kickstarted the whole thing and remained a vital catalyst as things progressed, acquired vintage examples for evaluation—the acquisition of MESA/Boogie obviously brought immense talent and knowledge into the mix.

Mat Koehler, Gibson’s Vice President of Product, said in a conversation with Guitar Center about the Falcon series:

“It’s a unique and usable sound for studio or stage. On the clean side, it’s that coveted dark midrange tone. When pushed—well, that’s when the really unique part of the Falcon comes out. You get this fire-breathing compressed thing where it’s just roaring, but it’s not over the top.”

He continues, “The other side of this I didn’t mention before was that they made the amps quieter. Any vintage, single-ended amp is going to be buzzy and crackly when your guitar volume knob is all the way down, but when Randy brought us the first production amp, we were like, ‘This can’t be right. Are all of the amps this quiet?’ We were blown away. So, that’s an unintended benefit of having a master amp builder take on this project.”

The Gibson Dual Falcon features smart vintage-style cosmetics

Heritage and innovation come to the fore

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail in Petaluma, California, the Dual Falcon marries half a century of Randall Smith’s tube amp design expertise with Gibson’s rich musical heritage, setting a new benchmark in tone and versatility. It sports a polished stainless steel control faceplate and aluminum chassis and comes with an included 3-button footswitch and a slipcover.

The Dual Falcon’s construction speaks volumes about its premium craftsmanship. The past was great, but this amp’s tonal and structural upgrades elevate it beyond its historical counterparts. It is a testament to the high standards of quality that musicians have come to expect from Gibson, promising not only superior sound but also unmatched durability and aesthetic appeal.

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