The Gibson Theodore Standard guitar
| March 19, 2024 |

The Gibson Theodore Standard is a Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Born from original 1957 drawings from Gibson’s golden age of design

From the same drawing board that gave birth to the revolutionary Flying V™ and Explorer™, the Gibson Theodore Standard was inspired by original sketches from 1957, discovered decades later in the Gibson Archives. Previously available only as a limited-edition model, now the Theodore is back and ready to rock with ’57 Classic™ and ’57 Classic Plus humbuckers and a compact, symmetrical body offering effortless access to the upper frets. 

Available in classic Ebony, Antique Natural, and Vintage Cherry finishes, the Gibson Theodore Standard is equipped with a solid mahogany body, a distinctive scimitar headstock, Grover® Mini Rotomatic® tuners, a SlimTaper™ neck, and double Florentine cutaways. This lightweight, compact design is especially well suited to players with smaller frames and smaller hands.

What are the key features of the Gibson Theodore Standard?

The original drawing that would become the Gibson Theodore was dated March 18, 1957. However, despite its age, the Theodore’s design remains as fresh and revolutionary today as its late 1950s stablemates from Gibson’s golden era. Beyond mere visual charm, the Theodore’s silhouette is a masterpiece of functionality, offering a harmonious blend of lightness and comfort.

Gibson Theodore Standard neck heel in Antique Natural
The Gibson Theodore Standard’s neck heel and double-cutaway design offers easy access to the upper frets

’57 Classic and ’57 Classic Plus humbucking pickups are at the heart of the new Theodore Standard’s versatile sound. These pickups are designed to replicate the warmth and clarity of Gibson’s original Patent Applied For humbuckers, using Alnico 2 magnets for a smooth, balanced tone.

The ’57 Classic Plus, with its extra windings, offers a bit more output—perfect for the bridge position. With this combination of pickups, the Theodore Standard can traverse genres, from blues-rock licks to post-rock soundscapes, making it a versatile choice for any style of play.

Released during the company’s 130th anniversary year, the Theodore Standard bridges the gap between Gibson’s storied past and its future. It’s a guitar that respects tradition while embracing innovation, making it a compelling choice for today’s musicians looking to stand out from the crowd. A hardshell case is also included.

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