The Gibson Master Artisan Collection
| March 21, 2024 |

Gibson’s Master Artisan Collection Unveils New Marvels From Rickie Hinrichsen

Hand-carved homages to ancient civilizations, psychedelic art, and more

Get ready to have your mind blown by the latest additions to the Gibson Master Artisan Collection. This extraordinary lineup welcomes four new guitars alongside an exclusive guitar, amplifier, and cabinet set, all meticulously hand-carved by Gibson Custom’s in-house Master Artisan, Rickie Hinrichsen

Drawing on a rich tapestry of inspirations, including psychedelic art, the ancient Mayans, the allure of the Old West, and the intricate Mehndi designs found in henna art, this new batch of instruments is nothing short of spectacular.

Who is Rickie Hinrichsen?

The creative genius behind these breathtaking instruments is Rickie Hinrichsen, the esteemed Master Artisan at Gibson Custom. Rickie’s journey to mastery began in a quaint town in Nebraska, where he was the kid who never stopped drawing. His artistic path led him to Nashville, where he joined Gibson, initially working as a binder, then moving on to white wood and setup roles.

A chance to carve a paisley pattern on a guitar proved to be a turning point—he brought the guitar home, armed himself with three chisels, and embarked on what would become his life’s work. 

Discovering a profound connection between drawing and carving, Rickie transformed his ability to envision into the ability to create tangible art. His ascent to the role of Gibson Custom’s in-house artist was marked by a freedom to explore his creativity, resulting in an ongoing flow of ideas. As Rickie says, “They just let me run wild, and the ideas are still coming.” 

The artisan behind the masterpieces: Rickie Hinrichsen

Rickie emphasizes the dual nature of his creations; while they stand as museum-quality artworks, they are also fully functional musical instruments. “These guitars are all playable,” he says. “Whether they’ll get played or not, I don’t know, but there is good mojo in them from start to finish. There is nothing in these guitars that isn’t made from pure joy. I hope they’ll bring joy to their new owners, too.”

Unique craftsmanship meets passion

Each piece that emerges from Rickie Hinrichsen’s bench is a unique testament to his artistry. From the initial hand-drawn designs to the final hand-carved details, every element is a labor of love. 

Utilizing Gibson Custom guitars and MESA/Boogie® amplifiers and cabinets as canvases, Rickie adds life to each with hand-crafted inlays, wood-burning, hand-etched truss rod covers, and hand-engraved pickup covers. The addition of intricate hand-painted details further sets apart his work.

Henna 1 Les Paul Custom with matching MESA/Boogie head and cabinet

Beyond their visual magnificence, these instruments are celebrated for their exceptional sound quality and playability, hallmark traits of Gibson Custom instruments and MESA/Boogie amps. It takes months of meticulous craftsmanship to bring each design to fruition, culminating in instruments that are as playable as they are beautiful.

This latest expansion of the Master Artisan Collection celebrates the art of music-making itself. Through Rickie Hinrichsen’s visionary hands, Gibson continues to redefine the boundaries between musical instruments and art, offering pieces that resonate with beauty, history, and the promise of joyous music-making.

Each guitar comes with a Gibson Custom brown/pink Lifton™ hardshell case, a custom-made strap, and a certificate of authenticity. The MESA/Boogie California Tweed 4:40 “Henna 1” amplifier head and 1×12 23″ cabinet include fitted slip covers.

Find out more about the latest additions to the Gibson Master Artisan Collection. For ordering information, call the Gibson Garage Nashville at +1 (615) 933-6000