Mark Agnesi, Cesar Gueikian, Jimmy Page, Sir Brian May, and Tony Iommi
| February 22, 2024 |

Gibson and the Legendary Jimmy Page Announce Multi-Year Partnership

The Gibson Garage London kickoff event unveils a new era of collaborations between the rock icon and Gibson

Jimmy Page reigns as a titan in the history of rock music, wielding his Gibson guitars like a scepter over the realm of rock ’n’ roll. His journey from the buzzing London music scene of the 1960s to the pinnacle of rock stardom with Led Zeppelin has inspired countless musicians and fans alike. 

During the grand opening of the Gibson Garage London, Gibson revealed an exciting collaboration with Jimmy Page. Recognized globally for his foundational role in Led Zeppelin—one of the most monumental bands in music history—Jimmy Page has influenced countless genres.

As the principal songwriter for Led Zeppelin, Page infused his deep roots in blues and folk music into the band’s groundbreaking rock sound. This fusion not only defined Led Zeppelin’s iconic musical identity but also transformed the landscape of rock music for generations to come.

Page says, “When I met with Cesar and he explained what the future of Gibson looked like, I knew I needed to be involved. There is a spirit in the place; after seeing the people working at the factories and getting a connection with them, I knew that picking up that Les Paul Custom and the Doubleneck all those years ago was certainly the right decision.”

Left to Right: James Bay, Cesar Gueikian, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, and Sir Brian May at the launch of the Gibson Garage London
Left to Right: James Bay, Cesar Gueikian, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, and Sir Brian May at the launch of the Gibson Garage London. Photo Credit: Dave Hogan

His enduring passion for music and his ongoing contributions continue to inspire and influence. Now, in a renewed collaboration with Gibson, Jimmy is poised to introduce new generations to the classic tones that literally defined what it is to be not only a visionary bandleader but a producer, engineer, and rock legend. 

“Jimmy Page deserves a very important chapter in the history of Gibson,” adds Cesar Gueikian, President and CEO of Gibson. “We think of Jimmy as an ambassador emeritus of guitars and a music trailblazer in the birth and evolution of rock! In many ways, Jimmy is responsible for the success, continued innovation, and evolution of post-Golden-Era Gibson. We are grateful for Jimmy’s trust in the Gibson team, and we look forward to paying tribute to him by bringing this epic collaboration to life.”

Jimmy Page and Gibson CEO, Cesar Gueikian
Jimmy Page with Gibson President and CEO, Cesar Gueikian

Influence that goes beyond rotating vinyl, beyond amplification, and forging new genres

Page’s contributions to guitar playing extend beyond his mysterious riffing and melodic excursions. He helped pioneer the use of studio techniques such as backward echo, layered guitar tracks—his “guitar army,” and the theremin, all creative ingredients to a cauldron of individuality and innovation. And awe-inspiring interactive album sleeves, yeah, Led Zeppelin was at the genesis of that, too.

Before Led Zeppelin came into existence, Page was a successful studio musician and later made significant contributions to The Yardbirds, a band known for its experimental approach to blues and rock and also home to Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. His tenure with The Yardbirds was a crucible, forging the innovative sounds and techniques that would become hallmarks of his later work. 

With the formation of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page embarked on an odyssey that would forever change the landscape of rock music. Page, Plant, Jones, and Bonham were the rock quartet of all quartets. The band’s innovative sound, characterized by Page’s masterful guitar work and the use of Gibson guitars, catapulted them into rock legend.

Over the years, Gibson has released several Jimmy Page signature models, celebrating his legacy and influence on music. These guitars are not only a tribute to Page but also a testament to the enduring partnership between the artist and the brand.

Born in Heston, Middlesex, England, in 1944, Jimmy Page’s fascination with the guitar began at an early age—there was skiffle, then Django, then everything else, including the importation of American blues into England and the exportation of those influences through him and his peers that continue to shake the world today. His self-taught journey on the instrument set the foundation for a legendary career that would later redefine the contours of rock music.

Check out Gibson Custom’s collaboration with Jimmy Page on the 1969 EDS-1275 Doubleneck Collector’s Edition.