Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Custom
| April 2, 2024 |

Epiphone Expands Inspired by Gibson Custom Collection, Bringing Custom Shop Tone and Components to Every Stage

A new tier of premium Epiphone models featuring Gibson USA pickups, “open book” headstocks, and more

In a groundbreaking move that bridges the gap between affordability and premium craftsmanship, Epiphone, in collaboration with Gibson™ Custom, has announced the expansion of its Inspired by Gibson Custom Collection, bringing premium Custom Shop tone and components to every stage.

Inspired by Gibson Custom instruments are Epiphone’s premium recreations of some of the most popular and iconic guitar designs of all time. The Inspired by Gibson Custom Collection delivers faithful recreations of legendary Gibson models with premium appointments such as Gibson USA pickups, historically accurate “open book” headstocks, and solid wood construction.

The Epiphone Inspired by Gibson Custom 1942 Banner J-45 and 1957 SJ-200

Crafted by Epiphone, Inspired by Gibson Custom delivers an unrivaled combination of professional features and accessibility that will elevate your playing to a whole new level.

The seven new models unveiled showcase a stunning cross-section of electric and acoustic guitars that represents a ‘greatest hits’ of Gibson’s storied back catalog. Among these are the iconic 1959 Les Paul™ Standard, the elegant Les Paul Custom, the 1963 Les Paul SG™ Custom, 1959 ES-355, 1942 Banner J-45™, 1957 SJ-200, and J-180 LS.

In a new episode of the Gibson Gear Guide, Dinesh Lekhraj takes you on a tonal journey through the new models, highlighting premium parts such as CTS® pots, 50s-era wiring, Mallory™ capacitors, VOS (Vintage Original Sheen) finishes, L.R. Baggs™ preamps, and much more.

The Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop in Bozeman, Montana, build the most coveted musical instruments on the planet, with meticulous craftsmanship, artistry, and historical accuracy.

In developing the new additions to the Inspired by Gibson Custom Collection, Gibson Custom’s expert luthiers worked closely with their counterparts at Epiphone’s wholly-owned craftory in Asia to produce instruments that honor Gibson’s 130-year legacy and provide today’s players with a wellspring of inspiration.

The Epiphone 1963 Les Paul SG Custom with Maestro Vibrola and 1959 Les Paul Standard

Head over to Epiphone to see the full Inspired by Gibson Custom lineup—a new tier of premium models to complement Epiphone’s full array of instruments for players of every level.