The Gibson app aims to be an all-in-one platform for guitarists, providing educational content, tools, and resources to enhance your learning and playing experience
| February 7, 2024 |

Why Do I Need the Gibson App?

Expand your guitar skills and broaden your musical horizons with our growing library of digital tutorial content—and more!

The Gibson app aims to be an all-in-one platform for guitarists, providing guitar lessons, tools, and resources to enhance your learning and guitar-playing experience.

As with all apps, the features and content are frequently updated, so it’s a good idea to check our official website or app store listing for the most recent information. A preview of some of the content is available for free on the Gibson App channel on YouTube.

The Gibson app is the leading guitar learning experience, offering interactive guitar lessons with real-time feedback. Learn at your own pace with step-by-step guidance from some of the world’s best guitarists. It’s beginner-friendly and has loads of famous songs—professionals will find plenty of material to grow with, too. 

After I finish my seven-day free trial, what do I get for my yearly subscription of $119.99?

The app includes:

  • Beginner-friendly learning courses, intermediate and advanced lessons
  • Interactive lessons with real-time feedback
  • Step-by-step guidance from some of the world’s best guitarists
  • Tons of famous songs
  • Gibson TV
  • Training Calendar
  • Tuner
  • Metronome
R.J. Ronquillo walks you through the Gibson App

A quick overview of how we got here

The evolution of online music learning has its roots in “distance education,” established before the ubiquity of the internet. One of the earliest forays into remote musical instruction can be traced back to the age of VHS tapes. During the late 1970s and 1980s, as VHS technology became more accessible to the masses, many renowned musicians and educators began recording instructional content on tapes.

One of the pioneers of this era was former Gibson blogger and guitar instructor Arlen Roth. He established the Hot Licks brand and reached millions of students through the humble array of VCRs available at the time.

Soon, other businesses emerged doing the same things via the distribution of VHS tapes. These lessons, which covered scales, chords, fingerpicking styles, music theory, and so on, were an invaluable resource for students who couldn’t access in-person lessons.

They provided aspiring musicians with a unique opportunity to learn at their own pace, rewind to revisit complex music segments, and practice in the comfort of their own homes. VHS tapes, in this regard, were among the first mediums to democratize musical education, breaking down geographical and economic barriers.

With the rise of the internet in the 1990s, the landscape of music education underwent a profound transformation. The vast digital space provided an even broader platform for instructional content, from video tutorials to interactive software. Websites and, later on, apps started to offer comprehensive music courses, integrating multimedia elements and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience. 

Online forums and communities sprang up, allowing students from around the world to share knowledge, discuss techniques, and even collaborate on projects. While the digital age undoubtedly revolutionized the accessibility and variety of music education, it’s essential to acknowledge the foundational role of those seminal VHS tapes.

They not only represented a significant leap in distance learning but also set the stage for the more interconnected and dynamic world of online music education we recognize today.

Learning styles and the modern age of the smartphone and apps for musical instruction

When it comes to music training, individuals often gravitate towards diverse learning styles that best resonate with their cognitive processes and preferences. Some learners are oriented toward the auditory realm, absorbing information most effectively when they hear it. They are naturally attuned to nuances in sounds, rhythms, and tonal variations. 

Visual learners benefit from seeing demonstrations, often relying on sheet music, video tutorials, or graphical representations of musical concepts. 

Kinesthetic or tactile learners thrive through hands-on experiences, mastering instruments by physically engaging with them, and internalizing techniques through repetitive practice.

Additionally, some students prefer a more theoretical and analytical approach, diving deep into music theory, while others are more intuitive, learning by playing by ear and experimenting with form. Recognizing and tailoring instruction to these varied learning styles can significantly enhance the music education experience.

The Gibson App: The Number One Guitar Learning Experience

The mind thrives on structured learning experiences that provide clear progress markers and tangible rewards. For analytical and detail-oriented individuals, following a methodical learning process enhances comprehension and retention. The Gibson app, catering to a myriad of personality types, has been designed with these principles in mind, offering users an immersive, step-by-step learning environment. 

The Gibson App: Learning that motivates

Different personality types draw motivation from various sources. While some are driven by immediate feedback, others feel motivated by long-term achievements. The Gibson app’s real-time feedback offers corrections and positive reinforcements that drive an intrinsic motivation to continue learning.

Every strum, every chord, and every lesson completed provides a sense of accomplishment, satisfying both the immediate and future-oriented learners and urging them to conquer the next musical challenge.

The Gibson App: Learn songs part by part

For individuals who prefer compartmentalized and systematic learning, breaking down complex tasks into smaller, more manageable segments works best. By teaching songs part by part, the Gibson app ensures learners do not feel overwhelmed, supporting the needs of methodical thinkers.

This progressive approach allows for mastering one section thoroughly before moving on to the next, providing both a roadmap and a sense of accomplishment that resonates with many personality types.

The Gibson App: Get inspired

Some learners are deeply influenced by emotive content and stories. The Gibson app offers exclusive content, interviews, and historical insights into the world of guitars and players, serving as a source of inspiration.

When intuitive and feeling-oriented learners connect emotionally with the music, the artists, and the brand’s historic roots, their dedication to the instrument grows, driving a deeper and more profound learning experience.

The Gibson App: Get help with the perfect setup

Practical and sensing personalities value the importance of perfect tools for any task. The Gibson app offers virtual tech guidance, ensuring the guitar setup complements the learning experience. By ensuring your guitar is tuned and set up correctly, these individuals are reassured, allowing them to delve effortlessly into lessons without the nagging worries about instrument settings. Connect with our professionals to get the best advice.

The Gibson App: Unlock the Gibson experience

For those who view learning as not just acquiring a skill but becoming part of a larger narrative and community, brand immersion becomes essential. The Gibson app, acknowledging this deep-seated need, offers a compelling dive into the Gibson universe.

By aligning themselves with Gibson’s rich history and culture, learners are not just picking up a skill—they are joining a tribe of music lovers. This approach resonates deeply with individuals who look for meaning and connection in their learning journeys, further deepening their commitment to the art of guitar playing.

While apps offer numerous advantages, it’s also beneficial to combine app-based learning with other resources like in-person lessons, online tutorials, or instructional books for a comprehensive learning experience. And, hey, y’all start a band! You’ll never be more satisfied than when you’re publishing your own stuff and growing through fan feedback.

Explore the world of the Gibson App today and start your free trial.