Jim DeCola installing strap locks on a Gibson Les Paul guitar
| April 12, 2024 |

How to Fix Strap Buttons and Install Strap Locks on Your Electric Guitar

Securing a guitar for stage and studio use is essential

In this episode of “Gibson’s Guide to Guitar Setup and Maintenance,” guitar enthusiasts of all levels will learn the essentials of replacing guitar strap buttons. Led by Gibson’s Master Luthier, Jim DeCola, this tutorial covers strap pin replacement and offers valuable insights and tricks of the trade for general guitar care.

While a guitar’s strap button might seem inconsequential, its role is critical. Consider the scenario of hopping down from a drum riser mid-song just as a guitar strap pin gives way. Such a failure could lead to a chaotic situation, potentially damaging your much-loved guitar and ending the show prematurely in embarrassment. There’s honest wear, and then there’s tragedy: two different beasts.

Thankfully, Jim DeCola is here to guide you through a foolproof method for repairing or replacing various guitar strap buttons, ensuring your guitar stays securely attached to your strap. Additionally, he’ll demonstrate how to reinforce the pin’s anchoring by using toothpicks to tighten the screw holes—a technique that can also apply to securing pickguards and control knobs. You only need a #2 Phillips screwdriver and wood or Elmer’s glue to get started.

The Gibson Gazette has a whole section to explore for other repair and maintenance jobs. For support or detailed information on more complicated repairs, be sure to check out Gibson’s free Virtual Guitar Tech service, and if you need replacement parts, check out authentic Gibson hardware.