| December 21, 2023 |

Inside New York’s Legendary Rudy’s Music with GibsonTV’s “The Scene”

Where music greats like Carlos Santana, Kirk Hammett, Dave Grohl, and Lenny Kravitz go to explore vintage treasures

If you’re ever wondering, “What’s the best guitar store in New York?” Rudy’s Music in Soho would be somewhere at the top of that list. Learn everything you need to know before visiting this legendary space. In this episode of “The Scene,” we join host Mark Agnesi in the Big Apple and visit Mr. Pensa himself at Rudy’s Music, one of New York City’s most renowned guitar shops.

Imagine a place where legends like Dave Grohl and Lenny Kravitz riff and roam, stars like Post Malone can be spotted guitar shopping, and every corner echoes with the strums of the greats, and each vintage guitar has a story to tell. Specializing in rare and vintage pieces, high-end hollowbodies, and even building custom guitars; for over 40 years, the world’s biggest artists and decerning players have made Rudy’s Music a must-visit destination.

Owner Rudy Pensa first opened his store on 48th Street in 1978, turning his passions into tangible artistry and his store into a magical space. Rudy’s love of guitars and enthusiasm for what he does is contagious—at Rudy’s, everyone is welcome.

Watch the full episode to hear Rudy talk about the artists he has worked with over the years, his mission to find a good home for each of his instruments and see his original 1958 Gibson Korina Flying V. 

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For more about Rudy’s Music, visit: https://rudysmusic.com