Dinesh Lekhraj of the Gibson Gear Guide
| February 20, 2024 |

Video: How to Buy Your First Gibson Electric Guitar

Searching for a Les Paul, SG, ES-335, Explorer, Flying V, or Firebird? We’ve got you covered

Embarking on the quest for your first Gibson electric guitar? Are you tangled in a web of choices, from deciding whether to expand your Epiphone collection or dive deep into the rich world of Gibson’s USA and Custom offerings? Dinesh Lekhraj walks you through a solid decision-making process in this Gibson Gear Guide video.

The myriad options—solidbody or semi-hollow, single or double cutaway, humbuckers or P-90s—can be dizzying both for first-time buyers and those eyeing their inaugural Gibson. Fear not, Dinesh is your guiding star, ready to illuminate the path through Gibson’s illustrious lineup, including icons such as the Les Paul™, SG™, ES-335, Explorer™, Flying V™, and Firebird™. 

Discover your perfect match as he demystifies the key factors in selecting your electric muse, showcases the unique tones of each model, and helps you navigate the galaxy of shapes and sizes to find the Gibson that resonates with your musical soul.

Whether the rich harmonics of the Les Paul, the sleek agility of the SG, or the distinctive sound of the Firebird calls to you, tune in and tune up to the Gibson that’s waiting to amplify your story.

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