Kramer NightSwan Pixel Hearts
| February 14, 2024 |

The Kramer NightSwan Returns With a Limited “Pixel Hearts” Graphic Finish

A guitar legend reborn as a nostalgic collectible symbol of 80s shred

In the late 80s, a shred sled was born, capturing the hearts of guitarists and music enthusiasts alike. Now, the legend that is the Kramer NightSwan™ has returned with an exclusive and limited-run “Pixel Hearts” graphic finish. This design blends aesthetic appeal and functionality—and, like every Kramer, it’s Made to Rock Hard.

The NightSwan is not just a guitar; it’s a symbol of an era defined by fast and flashy soloing and a culture deeply influenced by the burgeoning video game industry. With its double-cutaway mahogany body and a deep-cut lower horn, it offers exceptional upper-fret access, making it a dream for shredders.

Its unique design, coupled with high-quality components, makes it a versatile instrument that caters to both professional musicians’ needs and collectors’ desires.

The limited-edition Kramer NightSwan with “Pixel Hearts” graphics
The limited-edition Kramer NightSwan with “Pixel Hearts” graphic finish

The inspiration behind the “Pixel Hearts” design

The “Pixel Hearts” graphic finish pays homage to the classic video games many players grew up with. This unique design captures the era’s nostalgia and makes the NightSwan a standout piece in any collection and a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special guitarist in your life.

Key features of the NightSwan

The mahogany body provides a rich, warm tone that complements the sharp attack of the ebony fingerboard. The fingerboard, adorned with “ping pong” pearloid dot inlays, offers a smooth feel, ideal for technical playing styles.

The satin-finished, slim C-shaped hard maple neck is designed for comfort and speed, making it perfect for lightning-fast licks. You will enjoy a shreddable 16-inch radius and 24 jumbo frets for smooth bending and terrific control over your vibrato.

The model features a reverse headstock

This sleek axe also sports Kramer 85-T Humbucker™ with white bobbins and a Floyd Rose® 1000 Series Tremolo. It’s ready for anything from dive bombing to subtle, shimmery vibrato on chords or single-note lines. The Nightswan will light up your amp in new ways.

With its “Pixel Hearts” graphic finish, this collectible axe bridges the past and present, offering a unique blend of visual appeal, playability, and historical significance. Whether you’re a collector, a professional musician, or someone who appreciates the finer things in music and culture, the NightSwan is a testament to the enduring legacy of the shred sleds of the 80s, reborn for today’s generation.

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