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Introducing the Gibson Pickup Shop 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1

3D scanning, reverse engineering, and scientific analysis combine in the Gibson Pickup Shop’s recreations of the holy grail of guitar tone

Gibson’s legendary “Patent Applied For” humbucking pickups were launched in 1957 and stand as a pinnacle in the world of electric guitar tone. Now, leveraging a blend of advanced 3D scanning technology, meticulous scientific analysis, and detailed reverse-engineering of authentic late 1950s models alongside the original specifications from the Gibson archives, the Gibson Pickup Shop has crafted the most precise replicas of these renowned pickups to date.

Available exclusively via Gibson.com, the Gibson Pickup Shop 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1 is the most accurate reproduction of “Patent Applied For” humbuckers ever made. Packaged in a high-quality Lifton™ presentation case, this new pickup set features double Vintage White butyrate bobbins, Alnico 4 roughcast magnets, and vintage-accurate True Historic nickel covers. These exceptional pickups will be limited to only 1,000 sets, each individually serialized with 1959-style numbering.

Gibson’s “Patent Applied For” humbuckers are much more than historic guitar hardware; they were a key component in the evolution of 20th-century popular music. Though they were introduced in 1957, it was the electric blues boom of the mid-1960s that cemented their legendary status, with Eric Clapton and Michael Bloomfield instrumental in redefining lead guitar tone and paving the way for such giants as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, and Paul Kossoff to follow in their wake. 

The sonic signature of a “Patent Applied For” pickup in a Gibson Les Paul Standard isn’t just an iconic guitar tone—it’s a sound that’s woven into the fabric of rock itself. Known for their power, articulation, bloom, clarity, and extended upper-harmonic response, original “Patent Applied For” pickups are scarce and highly prized. They represent a golden era of guitar craftsmanship, with collectors and musicians seeking them for their unique sound and historical value. Though there are countless clones on the market, the Gibson Pickup Shop’s 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1 pickups are the most historically accurate recreations of late-1950s “Patent Applied For” pickups ever made.

The R&D process behind the new pickups included detailed reverse-engineering of authentic late 1950s models

Under the hood

Replicating Seth Lover’s original humbucker design in the Gibson Pickup Shop required a blend of art and science. The use of butyrate bobbins on the new 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition pickups not only contributes to the aesthetic but also maintains historical accuracy. True Historic Nickel covers are also not just for show. They play a vital role in preserving the tone, ensuring that the recreated pickups remain as faithful to the originals as possible.

The unpotted design of these pickups is another critical feature. It allows for a more vibrant and open sound, with every expressive nuance of your picking attack preserved, a stunning hallmark of the original PAFs. The new units boast an average DC resistance of 8.6k ohms (Treble) and 7.7k ohms (Rhythm), and the use of 42 AWG plain enamel wire is another step toward historical authenticity. This choice reflects the original manufacturing processes, impacting the electrical characteristics and, of course, the subsequent tone. The devil really is in the details. 

Not skimping on any comparison to the coveted originals, each pickup set brings you that sweet, woody, and present tonality that guitar players crave—the result of meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of their design and construction.

They’re beautiful, too. Presented in an exquisite Lifton case, these pickups are not just musical components; they are collectibles, each carrying a piece of Gibson’s storied history. Gibson’s 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1 pickups are more than just a nod to the past; they are a continuation of a legacy, offering today’s guitarists a chance to own a piece of musical history.

The 1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition pickups come with an assortment of case candy

1959 Humbucker Collector’s Edition Series 1 specifications

  • Position: Both (Set of Two)
  • Magnets: Alnico 4
  • Wiring: 2-Conductor
  • Cover: True Historic Nickel
  • Double Vintage White Butyrate Bobbins
  • Unpotted
  • Average DC Resistance: 8.6k (Treble), 7.7k (Rhythm)
  • 42 AWG plain enamel wire
  • Each individually serialized with 1959-style numbering
  • Details: The most historically accurate Patent Applied For replica ever made, with unbalanced coils, and a sweet, woody, loud, and present tone

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